Error detection of edges of fleece material


After production, the edge of black fleece material for the automotive industry is inspected for rips and bursts. Inspection is performed at a distance of about 2 m. This task should be done by just one camera. In addition, it should be easy to configure and feature integrated illumination.


The LSIS 412i smart camera is used to meet these requirements. The camera is built so that it can detect the black fleece in front of a white background (a plate or a special type of reflective tape). The smart camera working ranges are configured so that a defined number of dark pixels is inspected. If fleece exhibits faults, the minimum set number of dark pixels is not reached. The smart camera then reports the fault directly via digital inputs on a lamp or a horn. The user only needs this device for the inspection, and therefore profits from the simple mounting and commissioning.

Productos utilizados

  • Sector/Área

    Automotive industry (manufacture of nonwoven fabrics)

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    Quality control

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    Error detection of edges of fleece material